Why Your Sales Funnel Leaks – And What To Do About It

Sale Funnel Leaks – What to do about it

For a business owner with a solid funnel in place, it’s easy to take a look at the number of subscribers at each level of the funnel and predict pretty accurately what the sales are going to be from day to day or week to week.

If you’ve got a funnel in place, though, and your numbers aren’t looking great, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Your funnel has a hole (or two or three) where subscribers or regular customers are falling through. There are some very common causes for funnel leaks, and once you spot them, they’re pretty easy to fix.

Not enough traffic

The very heart of your sales funnel is the traffic you bring in. Without visitors to your blog or opt-in pages or into your restaurant or store, you’ll have no followers.  Without followers, you’ll have no (or very few) sales. Without sales, you’ll have no business. Yet this is where a lot of people struggle. How can you get more potential customers to read your blogs, take an interest in your restaurant or want to pop into your store to take a look-see?

How to fix it

Traffic or lead generation in the online world is an entire industry of its own, but here are some tips: Hire someone who knows what they are doing and manages your Google Ads or SEO very well. If it is not managed well, you will be throwing money down the drain.

For restaurants, stores and other kinds of businesses, ensure that you have a quality service or offer that will cause your current customers to talk about you and so, generate enough interest among the community that would draw followers in.

Be present and active in the places where your ideal follower hangs out, whether that’s on social media, in niche forums, or at live workshops and events.

No follow-up

This is a leaky funnel mistake that a lot of new entrepreneurs make. They spend a lot of time and energy setting up the ways to draw followers in, they deliver the goods but then…nothing. There are no follow-up emails; no offers to buy more; no related services or products. Nothing.

How to fix it

Before you spend time creating your offer, be sure you have a system and have some kind of call-to-action for your followers, or it’s all just wasted energy a call-to-action.  Your call-to-action can be as simple as  “Follow me on Facebook for more tips,” “A Coupon Offer,” “News of daily specials,” or other, but it must be there! Every time you write a blog post or an email, as yourself or you hold a workshop or speak at an event, “What do I want my followers to do when they’re done reading/listening/watching/ participating in this?” That becomes your call to action.

Got a leaky funnel? With a few tweaks and some attention paid to your follow-up sequences, the chances are you can fix those holes and increase your profits in no time.

To Your Success!

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