Start Your Day with Purpose

How often do you groan when the alarm goes off? You hit the snooze button and repeat until you just have to get up. Now you are running late, you grab a coffee, stagger out of the door still yawning, skip breakfast and start the day feeling rushed and resentful? Or you begin your day scrolling through emails and social media before you even get out of bed, so your mind is distracted right from the beginning.

I have found that it is so important to start the day calmly, mindfully and purposefully before you reach for your cell phone. You can try these three techniques to get your day off to a great start.

Connect with yourself first  

Before I get out of bed, I have gotten into the habit of thanking God or the Universe for waking up. I have so much I still want to do in this life. I feel so grateful for being here every single day! Before you even open your eyes, take a few moments to focus and connect with yourself. Take three long deep breaths through your nose, gently and slowly breathing out through your mouth. Then return your breath to its normal pattern, noticing the breath, and the rise and fall of your chest and belly as you breathe.

Decide on an intention for the day

For this day, how do you want to feel? What state of mind do you want to have? How will you choose to connect with others? What will your focus for the day be and check in with your intention during the day and adjust your mindset and behavior accordingly. What impact do you want to have in the world today? How can you take the best care of yourself as you go about your daily business?

Set a simple intention for how you want to be in your day. Make it an uplifting or empowering straightforward statement. I can be as simple as “Today I want to be kind to myself and others” or “Today I will only focus on one task.” Make it appropriate for where you are in your life and what your schedule is for the day.

Take time to get ready

You know you need to get dressed for the day. Make it easier on yourself by starting the day with your clothes ready the night before. Then you will have time for breakfast, that favourite cup of coffee in the morning or even better a nice glass of water to hydrate yourself. How you look affects how you feel. So put on something that makes you feel good and take the time to do your hair and makeup that makes you feel you are ready for the day!

Affirm your place in the world

As you look into the mirror before you leave the front door, remember you are not just admiring the fact that you are looking good and ready for the day; you are addressing the superhero within. So, stand tall, wink at your reflection, and declare, “I’m the CEO of my own destiny!”

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