Business Testimonials:


Easy Green Director & Entrepreneur

Hi Kim, I just wanted to share some awesome news with you.  My brand hit the international market this past weekend. Thank you so much! Judy Umraw, Entrepreneur, Infyniti Media

I went from zero to 6 figures in my 11 month on being on the Top 6 Mastermind Program. I never truly believed it was possible. It is amazing!! Kim Brand, Coach and Business Owner

Just thought I’d let you know that Easy Green will confidently turn close to R 4 million this year. Just shows you that your Top 6 Mastermind system works. I am so proud of my team and today we were also able to settle all outstanding debts with the revenue department so a peaceful night’s sleep is ahead for me.  Also, I am committed to cutting out extras, tighten up and pivot to bigger profits next year.

F. Khan

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Such great news I couldn’t wait to tell you. With the company we just purchased, and which showed only $45 profitability when we bought it, was up to 50k in just a few weeks . With new orders after the Top 6 Mastermind meeting we were up to 80k. We just received the news yesterday that we have made our 6 figures with the last orders that was pulled through the system for the month. I feel so proud because it was my knowledge from the Mastermind Program that allowed me to ensure that the customer knows that I am here to solve and assist in their challenging areas and as a result were confident to give me their business.

Anneke Botha

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Kim I had to share with you on this New Year's eve, my business grew from 1 client to 76 clients in only 10 months. I am so, so, blessed and grateful!

Sunil Sew

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Yastech

Thanks Kim for your brilliant client attraction course.  I'm attracting clients like a magnet. My full day workshops are filling up like crazy... moowah!


Business Owner, Coveral

Kim helped me structure and align my goals and vision for the business that propelled me to take my business that had 1 employee to a current staff of 7 employees and with an increase of 500% in turnover which helped me take the award for ‘Wealth Creator in a Business’ at a recent graduation ceremony for entrepreneurs.


Business Owner, Coveral

Kim’s unique way of understanding and explaining and her compassionate nature have transformed me to be a more effective leader in my business and a more patient and loving parent and wife.  In a life-time people come and go, while some make an impact that will stay on forever and Kim is one of those people in my life. She remains my constant source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement every week.

Louise Davies

Business Owner, Riverside Spa

“When I joined the Top 6 Mastermind a year ago, I was excited but also fearful due to my lack of business savvy. I was like Bambi caught  in the headlights. I had never bought or owned a business. Within a few months I was networking, getting clarity on my niche market, building up a great team while clarifying my service offerings, vision and mission for the spa. Top 6 has given me extraordinary confidence and a renewed self –belief. I will continue to uphold my high standards, always trust my intuition and keep taking brave steps forward. Within six months, I had managed to get the spa out of the red and within the year was making a profit. Riverside Spa is growing and by following the Top 6 formula with my focus and hard work is on track to grow our revenue.” 

Sheree Timm

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Spotlight Digital

Thank you so much for turning my business around! Every bit your advice has been the greatest turning point of my business. I love working with you and I am really grateful to have met you and that you are part of my tribe! Everything the Mastermind program has taught me has been GOLD and last but not least Kim, your support for my business and my entrepreneur journey is absolutely priceless.

Christa Van Der Walt

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Corportate Communications

Kim, your course meant the world to me and definitely put me on track for a little explosion in my own business. My business, 'Corporate Communications', has grown with about 50% this year because I’m more confident in myself as well. Thank you!

Bishon Soni

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Media King

I cashed in an insurance policy to join Kim’s Top 6 Mastermind Course. I covered the policy in a few months and within 10 months I reached my first 6 figure that month and the numbers keep growing. Thank you Kim! Top 6 Mastermind works.

Kas Naidoo

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Next Level Up | Relationship Coach

I did Kim Knight's Client Attraction course and her Mastermind program. Her training is always easy to follow and gets you to REALLY focus on your business growth. Your business growth cannot exceed your personal growth. I highly recommend you do these courses if you haven't.

Anisa Ussuph

Award Winning Content Writer & Media Specialist

Like many start-ups, I foolishly thought that I could get by on passion and purpose alone. Then I attended Kim Knight’s Client Attraction workshop and realised why, eight months down the line, my business wasn’t hitting the targets that I would’ve liked it to. I signed up for the Mastermind programme immediately and it was, without a doubt, the best investment in my business. It literally transformed how I think about my business and helped me successfully navigate the challenges that seem so insurmountable for a start-up.   The Mastermind programme empowered me with skills and insights that work. They really do work! In just one year, I have taken my business to a new level, winning accolades along the way. I have developed the confidence to speak on stage and have fine-tuned my niche and service offerings to the point where I am able to catapult clients to the international arena. Kim has also helped me successfully work through my challenges with Time so I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds – make an impactful contribution to the South African media and communications industry while being at home with my son! That, above all else, is priceless for me.

Kas Naidoo

Business Owner, Next Level Up

Hi Kim, just wanted you to know that I signed up a new client as a result of your last networking Meetup. 

Bruce Jackson

Oakleigh Funeral Home

Being a businessperson with numerous demands on my time I found it very difficult to keep on top of all the tasks that demanded my attention without dropping some of them. I would constantly go home with an anxiety that I had forgotten important tasks. Furthermore, my self-appreciation was at an all time low, characterised by self-disappointment and a feeling of zero productivity purely due to the poor structure I had in place to manage my time. This is where Kim from Kim Knight Coaching has played a pivotal role in assisting me develop a planning module on how I govern my time and allocate my priorities. Various techniques were shared and implemented that have proved invaluable in making better use of time and releasing a new found energy, self-appreciation and most importantly improvement on my overall productivity.  I would without a doubt recommend Kim's Time Management Package. The session was eye-opening and the monthly tracking support was invaluable.

Elsie Correia

Business Owner, Lekker Rooibos

I have recently done Kim’s five weeks course for start-up or established smaller business course. Kim’s practical approach appeals to me. The logical flow of the modules makes sense and fits like puzzles until you see the big picture at the end. I can highly recommend Kim as her business acumen and practical approach provide vital business insights.

Victor Renolds

Entrepreneur, Spiritual Counselor

I want to say a special thank you to Kim Knight for what you have done for myself and the group on the Business Success 5-Week Course. I am more than flabbergasted, impressed, happy ...it was just so amazing. I have learnt so much! You are doing such a duty for entrepreneurs and small business. As you know we were not taught  how to start our own businesses and this work is very much needed. I will be attending more of your courses and networking and I promise that I will be applying all that I learned. I will also be eating those frogs 🙂 So much appreciated!

Sasha Saugh

Entrepreneur, Aquatic Vet

Thank you Kim for the value added from doing the business success course. I will definitely recommend this to new business owners or those wanting to go into business. It would have helped me a lot doing this when I first started!


Entrepreneur, Annique

Kim, elevator speeches have scared the living hell out of me since forever I always missed the target. Always! And now you gave me your template to use and for the first time ever, it works. Thank you so much.

Linda Prudden

Business Owner, Linton Enterprises, Corporate Clothing, Gifts and uniforms

Kim, I just wanted to say thank you for the  Goals Training. Huge accolades to you. The way you structure this is amazing. It was easy to commit and to fit into my day. Hats off to you!

Stephan Human

Entrepreneur and Partner, Businesses4Sale

I completed the goals training course with Kim, what a lovely supportive person. Her teaching methods are extraordinary and relevant for any business owner. Highly recommend you connect with Kim.

Heather Fountain

Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Heather Fountain Hypnotherapy | Award Winning Hypnotherapist

The Client Attraction Course helped me to determine who my target clients were and set me up to focus and concentrate on attracting those clients. It worked! I would encourage everyone to attend this course!

Anita Tappin

Startup Entrepreneur

Kim the ' Creating Packages' course is brilliant. I have so enjoyed this so far. I cannot believe what I'm now seeing that I didn't see before in my offerings and the opportunities.

Trish Bartholomew

Business Owner, Broker Specialist | Advisor, MRB Financial Services

Thank you so much Kim for all that you impart to us in business, I am where I am today because of you.

Ansie De Klerk


Dear Kim, thank you once again for all you shared and gave of yourself in the Goals Training course! It is so APPRECIATED. You are ONE OF A KIND.

Senzo Nyadeni

Professional and Aspiring Entrepreneur

To you Kim, a BIG thank you (it seems thanks is not enough) for the practical, easy, simple, worthwhile business training and all the tips you gave us on the Millionaire Mastermind Mindset business retreat.  Warmest regards

Suren Bissasser

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Proto Chem

Dear Kim,  thank you so much for a great retreat and the pearls of wisdom you dropped along away. It was so enjoyable and a privilege to spend time with such an incredible group of like-minded people. Thank you. This certainly works.  Signing off with the words of BOB Marley from your Calender you gave us : “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”

New StartUp and Entrepreneur

Kim, thank you so much for your help and for your personal involvement in each and every one of us during the Free Goals Training five-day course.  You have been, and are, a star ⭐️. 

Tyra Moodley

Start Up Entrepreneur

Thank you Kim!. I am deeply grateful for your guidance.

Sagren Naidoo

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, New Horizon Metals

Dearest Kim, you are the kindest. You are always mailing uplifting and positive reads. I was referencing you in my conversation yesterday, as someone who is always checking in on us so regularly. Its so encouraging.


Business Owner, Xulu ING Travel

Thank you so much Kim!  You have played a major role in my life when everything was upside down. Here I today after the storm of my life with the new vehicle for my business.

Petrie Botha

Farmer & Entrepreneur

Hi Kim, I am so thankful for your FGT (Free Goals Training) five-day course. I applied the 'Education-Based Marketing' bonus session content immediately after the course. The response to my ad on FB was 200% more than normal. Thank you.

Suren Bissesar

Business Owner

Hi Kim, I wanted to share that during our Mastermind Retreat down the south coast, KZN, South Africa, I set goals with my accountability partner for my business for the next 6 months. I am happy to say that I have achieved my goals. I am very grateful for the retreat's content and the friendships made.

Anneke Botha

Herbal Life Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Hello Kim, I wanted to drop you a quick voice note about how much your FGT (Free Goals Training) course has impacted me especially the second time around. I'm dreaming bigger, setting clearer goals, and seeing incredible growth not just in myself but also in my husband, who's creatively applying your teachings to his business with fantastic results. It's amazing to be on this journey of learning and growth together. I can't wait to dive into the education-based marketing strategy you shared for my business. Thanks so much.

Brigid McCleary

Financial Planner I Designed Wealth

Hi Kim, thank you so much for the FGT - Free Goals Training course. I am busy working through your course again using the notes I took during the workshop. Really appreciate the opportunity.

Amanda Uys

Herbalife Distributor

The Client Attraction course is the best I have ever done and brought immense value to my business and my life.

One of the questions we dealt with, was who my IDEAL client was. This was life-changing for my business. I changed my whole strategy from trying to reach anyone and everyone, to determining who exactly my ideal client would be. I documented it in detail, and amazingly, those are the exact people who are now reaching out to me. It gave me the confidence to speak on a much higher level with them, instead of being happy to take what I can get. It also changed my marketing strategy to be much more focused and reaching out to the right people. I still stand amazed every time I get a new client and they fall exactly into my perfect client category.

I can recommend Kim’s courses with an open heart. I wish I can get everyone I know, to attend her workshops.

Thank you Kim, for changing my life.

Chef Rev


I was lucky enough to meet Kim at my 1st restaurant in 2017. She was a patron who would come in with her lovely dog. After a few months of chatting., I decided to book myself on her 12-month, Six Figure Mastermind Course. It was a total revelation and I'm so glad for it. I learn very differently but being a coach she was able to listen and adapt where necessary while completing various aspects of this tried and tested system. Years later I drew on my notes yet again for tips. I am also very glad for the network of cool and like-minded entrepreneurs who have the same struggles as me. Thank you Kim!

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Life Testimonials:

Sue Rankin

Business Owner, Metabolic Menu

I have been working with Kim Knight for 18 months now and her insight, balance and wisdom has been invaluable - something that I have never taken for granted!

Kundai Chibarabada

Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Beyond Numbers

I feel blessed and honored to have met Kim. She is such a wonderful life and business coach. Always positive, warm and inspirational. Her coaching is practical and has benefited me immensely. I highly recommended her monthly meet ups, business courses, coaching and other platforms available.

Trish Bartholomew

Business Owner and Broker Specialist | Advisor, MRB Financial Services

My mind boggles Kim at your vision and unwavering determination to see your goals to fruition. You practice what you preach and that is why you are such an excellent coach.


Hi Kim, you don't know me, but I just wanted to say well-done on the work and self-belief you have instilled in a good friend of mine. I chatted to him yesterday during a virtual coffee meeting and he is a completely different person.  He has discovered his worth. It is just so wonderful to see. Thank you again!

Trudie Roets

Personal Holistic Trainer & Entrepreneur

Dear Kim, I'm STILL raving about meeting you. I am really blessed and working hard at all my homework. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all you have helped me with so far...  YOU GIVE BREATH BACK TO HOPELESS LIVES.

Eva Dahlberg

Coach, Sweden

Together with Kim I have found a way to have a healthier life. I have changed my old patterns and replaced them with new that work. She always holds me accountable for my decision and encourages me when I struggle. When I'm up to some challenges she will always send an extra motivational mail. The feeling to have someone who believes in me is great. The result so far - I have dropped 7 kg in 4 month and exercise 3 times a week. I feel good. To all of you who want to be healthier - I give Kim my warmest recommendations.

Anisa Ussuph

KZN Media & Communications

Dearest Kim. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me conquer a fear by giving me the opportunity to speak today. I was a bundle of nerves at the beginning but actually started to enjoy it afterwards! It feels somehow "liberating" to have shared my story and cathartic too. Thank you for the gorgeous gifts - I love them all! I'm a hoarder of lovely stationery so you couldn't have chosen better! And the kinderjoy for my son is just the cherry on the top!! I really mean it, Kim....I am so thankful that you have come into my life....my own guiding Angel❤

Bisan Soni

Media King

Hi Kim, I have to share this with you.  After our session, I realized that it my mindset that was affecting my business numbers. After that realization and a small shift in my approach to the industry, I've had 4 event bookings within the last few days and 2 more that I'm drawing up invoices for now including one from New York! I have goose bumps. You are REMARKABLE and I still want to make the difference that YOU make to peoples’ lives.


Business Owner, Coveral

Kim’s unique way of understanding and explaining and her compassionate nature have transformed me to be a more effective leader in my business and a more patient and loving parent and wife.  In a life-time people come and go, while some make an impact that will stay on forever and Kim is one of those people in my life. She remains my constant source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement every week.

Jane Morrison

Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

I have known Kim for at least 15 years. Kim is savvy at bringing to my awareness my thoughts, behaviors and attitudes and also identifying my goals. She helped me see where I was getting in the way of my success. I am impressed with her skills as a trainer to transfer knowledge to the adult learner.   I’ve kept in touch with Kim and her own goals and pursuits over these past several years and se her achievements. The words that come to mind to describe her include passion, integrity, highly skilled, caring, loyal, dedicated and mentorship.

Brigid McCleary

Financial Advisor, Design Wealth

Dear Kim, your free Christmas gift (Yearly Reflection) is going to come in very handy, thank you. It’s more structured than the route I usually take…your guide is simple and straightforward. I LOVE IT! It has been saved on my desktop to use every year…. And to reference as and when I need it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Amanda Uys

Herbalife Distributor

I have done many courses with KIm including a free workshop (Overcoming Worry - from Worrier to Warrior).

It was only an one-hour workshop, but I was in tears soon after it started. Again, it was a life-changing question that Kim asked and it hit me between the eyes.

That is what Kim does. She doesn’t give you the answers. She asks the question and you find your own answers with her expert guidance.

Thank you Kim for changing my life!