What Do Weight And Business Growth Have In Common?

If you know me, you will know that I am truly passionate about three things in life namely entrepreneurship and fast-tracking business growth; travelling nationally and internationally and … being at your ideal weight, health and vision of yourself.

I started my entrepreneurial ventures as early as my tweens, dreamed non-stop of travel since I was 11 years old and when it comes to weight, well that was the most painful of my three passions. As a young teenager, I got it into my head that I was overweight and not as thin as my ‘cool’ friends. This triggered my roller-coaster nightmare of losing weight through numerous fad diets only to put on the weight again, losing and putting on weight and repeating this pattern for many, many years of my life. Emotionally, mentally and physically this pattern started taking it’s toll on me.

After a big relocation and new job, I started to put on weight again. This time round I just did not have the willpower to do what I normally did to lose it. I just did not have it in me anymore! I knew that there had to be another way for me to achieve my ideal weight and maintain it for life. And there was …

I started to address my emotions, triggers and patterns of behaviour connected to my weight issues. Together with a healthy and nutritional way of eating for my body type, I am achieving what I used to dream about for years which was to be at my ideal weight, maintaining it and being healthy, fit and strong.

But the question is, what has this got to do with being an entrepreneur and running a business?

Well, on reflection, I have realised just how much my weight affected not only my life, but also how I was showing up in my business. When you are uncomfortable with your body image it does have a way of affecting your confidence. When you do not fit into your clothes or when your body image does not match your personal brand, it is very difficult to show up as the entrepreneur you want to be and the entrepreneur your business needs you to be.

So here is my question for you. Is your weight affecting your business in some way?

If you are really unhappy with your weight and it is affecting the way you are thinking, feeling and showing up in your life, the good news is that you can ‘wake up’ right now and make it a goal to do things differently.

At my heaviest, I weighed 27 kg (59 pounds) heavier than I do now. Do I feel, think and show up differently? Absolutely. I am a much better version of myself than I was back then and even a year ago. It is my life mission to me the best version of myself and get toward my best body weight, shape and health because when I am slim, sexy, strong and healthy, I feel more confident and open to possibilities and opportunities. Getting to your ideal weight is not a hobby to achieve and then spring back to the old norm, it is about changing your life and how you think and feel about yourself as a person, entrepreneur and business owner.

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