Venturing Into The Unknown

What is familiar and known is comfortable. We know what to expect. We know how the story goes. And we know how we will respond. This applies to our lives and our businesses.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and content. It is nice and important to be able to rest up and enjoy what we have created and worked hard for, but the trouble sets in when we become too comfortable for too long periods of time. Why? Well when we are too comfortable we actually get bored, we become stagnant and although we know we need a change, by this stage we have become lazy, complacent and also to fearful to make a change; fearful of losing what we have.

So, there are times throughout our lives when we must leave what we know, and venture into the unknown if we are to grow and progress. All the entrepreneurs I have ever met do want to improve, progress and move forward. Although there is no map for this vast wilderness, one is not wholly unprepared. You always have a guide to turn to namely your intuition.

Instead of relying on a map to guide you, you learn to “follow your instincts.” And those instincts lead you on a journey that is all your own. And what you discover along the way is who you really are and what you really love. Unrefined and un-mapped, the wilderness of your intuition leads you to discoveries and experiences you never would have had if you stayed where you were comfortable.

In which areas of your life have you become too staid, rigid or stuck? What about your business? For how long have you been doing business the same way? Have you thought of the fact that if you introduced new systems, new processes, a new sales or marketing technique that it may actually increase your turnover and profits by a whole lot more.

Is it time that you go into the wilderness? What journey will you take that leads you to new discoveries and opportunities? Imagine what’s out there for you if you venture away from what’s familiar and comfortable and follow your intuition into the vast unknown.

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