Aim High: Set Goals That Will Change Your Life!

In the pursuit of personal, business, or professional growth, setting goals can help to set an intention at the beginning of a new year or anytime throughout one’s life. However, the secret to achieving goals and truly transforming your life does not lie in the act of setting goals, but rather in dreaming big about the goals you set for yourself.

Most of us are conditioned to set achievable goals, ones that we can comfortably reach without much struggle. While this approach may lead to short-term success, it rarely drives us toward achieving the goals that we want or celebrating groundbreaking achievements. Without you knowing it, playing it safe with your goals, keeps you very much in the same space as you are now.

The first step in a life-changing transformation.

The key to unlocking your full potential lies in setting goals that stretch your limits, which make you dream beyond your comfort zone. The first step in this transformative process is to set bigger goals. Think about what you truly want for your life, without thinking that you most probably won’t achieve it. In all my research together with the goals I have achieved, I realize more and more that it is necessary to allow yourself to dream extravagantly. These larger-than-life, scary goals force you to think beyond the normal boundaries and help open your mind to new possibilities.

Yes, dreaming big is often jeopardized by fear of failure, fear of judgment, and fear of not being good enough or being incapable. These fears are natural, but the truth is that they are dictating the size of your dreams. To overcome them, you must make a conscious decision to be serious about your goals. Accept that the road to success is paved with challenges, just like many things in life, and as with many other obstacles you have overcome, you can overcome these too.

Believing in the possibility of your dreams is the second step.

Believing in the possibility of your dreams is the second crucial step to real transformation. This requires a shift in mindset. Instead of dwelling on self-doubt, focus on your stories of triumph and your capabilities. Surround yourself with positive influences and visualize yourself being successful. Your belief is the fuel that will power you on!

To overcome the disheartening law of averages that says only a small percent of people achieve their real desires in life, you must:

  • Decide and …
  • Believe

Decide that you are serious about living your best life ever and believe that achieving this aim IS possible. It is this kind of firm commitment that separates those who merely set goals from those who turn dreams into reality.

Are you willing to raise your standards on your goals?

To Your Goals Success!

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