How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs In Your Business

When you believe something to be right, chances are the conviction was formed out of logic, right? Actually, this is not the way in which beliefs develop; you don’t need evidence to have a belief in something.The first thing you have is a belief such as you believing that your clients do not want what you have to offer, and then you start looking for evidence to support the belief. This then leads to you twisting facts, so they become evidence.

In essence, beliefs are the result of one thing – to avoid pain and experience pleasure. For instance, believing that something isn’t possible for you to do may be your way to avoid the pain that comes from failing. With that belief in mind, you begin to look for evidence that will support it. When your mind fails to find any evidence, it will create them instead by concocting things in their favor.


There are two ways in which you can incorporate a belief with the evidence that will support, but first, you must get rid of any belief that has no supporting evidence behind it.


One way to do this is to challenge the evidence. How do you do that? You must question the belief(s) and create the doubt that the evidence doesn’t support the belief you’re trying to eliminate.

For example, if you think your clients do not want what you are offering, you need to question that belief. Did someone tell you that?  What actual evidence do you have that supports your theory? Where did you get the evidence? Was it obtained in a professional and controlled survey; did you personally ask your clients or did they offer that information to you? Can you prove your evidence to be true, factual and correct?

The belief can change if you are willing to listen to the truth of the answers and to the facts. Question your beliefs repeatedly! Ask yourself if the belief is true; is it really, really true? What evidence supports it? The stronger the belief is, the more questioning you will have to do. By constantly questioning your belief(s) you can lay them to to rest and replace them with more true and supportive beliefs. For example, if you send out a survey to your clients asking them what services they have found very valuable, or if you calculate the spend on your services in the past month, 6 month or year, you will get direct and factual evidence to challenge your limiting the belief.


Another unique way in which to change your beliefs is to tie it back to some type of pain. Remember I mentioned that beliefs relate in some way to a pain that you want to avoid. When you connect it back to a pain of yours, you will realise the damage it’s doing to you by distorting the way you are viewing you current reality . When you are more aware of where the belief comes from and the reasons for holding onto that belief, it is easier to steer clear of the belief and with time and practice you can rid yourself of that belief and replace it with a belief that is true and that serves you.


What beliefs do you have about your business that are not working for you? Are you willing to put those beliefs under the microscope and challenge them? Try it out, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

In Your Support!

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