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Change in Changing Times

In this BLOG, I want to talk a little about the situation we are in with Covid-19, which addresses a lot of change that is happening.

There is so much conflicting news out there, how does anyone manage this situation or any life crises for that matter that can literally turn your life or business upside down?

Personally, having gone through 6 weeks of lockdown, I have learned a few things:

  • A new playing field requires a new set of ‘rules’
  • Routines must be amended to fit the current situation and to support you rather than make you feel more overwhelmed
  • Acknowledge the restrictions and how it will affect your: (a) time management and (b) access to resources
  • Acknowledge that some days are better or worse than others … just like in ‘normal’ life

 Some delightful awarenesses:

  • I hear the sound of the birds outside my room in the morning that wake me instead of the alarm clock
  • I have enjoyed cleaning my house and clearing out the clutter as I go through each room
  • I have discovered wonderful treasures of life among the community in my neighbourhood
  • I have had time to contemplate many thoughts and ideas that I had put on the back burner 
  • I am finding out more about what makes ME tick
  • I am seeing new opportunities for my life and for my business

Are there challenges? Absolutely! I am separated from my family … all of them in Cape Town and there is no physical contact with friends, peers and other businesses.

Am I concerned about finances? … Yes, but I am not dwelling on it and instead I am doing what needs to be done to keep moving forward and finding new exciting ways to provide value and support to my clients

Am I worried about how this affects my business …Yes!  BUT I feel a new kind of Peace, Curiosity and even Excitement about where this road will lead me to.

Changes can be enlightening and spark off new ideas. They can also be a welcomed kick-in-the-butt for rebuilding, reinventing, up-skilling and upgrading. We can use this time to ‘wake up’ and change what probably needed to change anyway and create something new that the market is crying out for.

There will be days during lockdown when you feel exhausted and burnt out!  So, take a step back to:

  • Take 1 day at a time
  • Do what you can!
  • Breathe
  • Calm the mind
  • Stay positive
  • Take time out for you

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I avoid overwhelm at this time?

A: Take one day at a time – do not think too far ahead. Take care of today first!

Q: What will help me manage myself and family at this time?

A: Do it together. Reach out to your immediate family, friends, peers & colleagues for help. Share and offer your support to them too. Together we can!

Q: What should I focus on?

A: Focus on all of YOU; focus on the most important matter of the day and focus on nurturing a strong & healthy mindset.

Q: I am not achieving much during this lockdown? What can I do?

A: Write down 5 things you HAVE accomplished since the 27th March 2020 in your business. Do you still feel like you have not accomplished much?

Lastly, summarize your accomplishments, breakthroughs and lessons learned in your business since lock down started. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thinking of you. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong! I wish you great things now and for after lock down.

Much Love,

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