What Does Playing Bigger In Your Business Look Like?

If you keep trying to just get by, that is what you’re going to get! You’ll always manage to just pay the bills, just have enough clients and just about earn yourself a salary from the business. You’ll never get to a place where you can count on the business to provide a lifestyle for you that you dreamed of when you started out to create a profitable, sustainable and ever-growing business.

If this is you, just face it! It’s time to play bigger, think bigger, do bigger and be bigger…and it has to start right now if you really mean business.

Too many entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized businesses get too “comfortable” with just making it and they get into the habit of  “wishing” and “hoping” that somehow one day it will all turn around.

However, this habit of sticking your head in the sand and just hoping that you will wake up to a booming business doesn’t help you.

It is time to get real, let go of hoping, wishing and wanting and be bigger than you currently are. It is time to get out there and create the business and the life you desire.

When you think big, play big, do big you get big results…

So why not start playing big now?

In many entrepreneurs minds, having a business means not being an employee and not having to clock in and out of work. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the fact of the matter is you may be an employee in your business and you are worse off than when you had a job because you work around the clock and don’t earn a salary even close to what you earned when you had a job.

I often get feedback from business owners who complain about not being able to grow their business because there is no time for it. The challenge is that they are stuck in doing the technical work required. An example I will use in this article is an expert ‘baker; who gets stuck in the baking of cakes day in, day out instead of working on the needs of the business. It is true that the entrepreneur is great and maybe even the best at what he or she does and that is why they started the business in the first place, but then they get stuck in baking because that is what they know how to do and are comfortable doing. They think of themselves as the ‘baker’ and not as thriving owner of a baking business.

If you keep ‘baking’ that’s exactly what you are going to be – an expert baker! Your business will only be able to earn a minimum income and will never be able to grow so that you can earn your real freedom from a ‘job’ and create wealth for both your business and your life.

If you are that ‘baker’ isn’t it time to start thinking big now?  

Take an honest look at your business. Is it where you dreamed it would be right now? If not, don’t wait a single moment longer. What are you waiting for? Jeepers! If what you have been doing by playing small has not gotten you where you want to be playing, the chances are that nothing is going to change unless YOU change the way you are thinking.

I’m not here to dispute the very bold moves you have taken by stepping into a world where courage is a necessity, but you cannot afford to rest on those moves any longer. You are reading this because you had bigger dreams for yourself when you left your job and started your own business.

So play big! Invest in the business by employing the best baker, and get out there and find more customers so that you can pay their salary and then some.

Stop playing around with small change. Play bigger. Think bigger. Do bigger. Be bigger. Make sure your ‘bakery’ is different and speaks to the ‘bigness’ in your life and then witness your customers wanting more of what you have to offer.

Get yourself and your business in front of a lot of people, ‘bake’ what you need to bake, show your customers why you are the best and make them want more of what you’ve got to offer them. Make them want your big life, your big heart, your big business.

How do you think I would feel if I walked into your bakery where there were a limited variety of muffins to buy and only 1 or 2 customers drinking coffee? Not so great right? So ask yourself “What the heck is wrong here? I don’t want only 3 kinds of muffins on display and I don’t want 1 or 2 customers sitting at my tables. I want 7 muffin varieties. I want a queue of customers hoping to be lucky enough to get a table.”

The gem is that you don’t have to wait to get to that point. You can start now by just being bigger in the way you think and by the actions you take. Whatever you can do to play big, do that now! Do one thing to double your clients in one month or maybe even one week. Start a Facebook campaign, get into a magazine, write an article, offer something that will an attract customers to your ‘bakery’. Just do one thing that introduces your business to the community and showcases your value. Make a statement that says no matter what, you are not prepared to play small anymore.

Play bigger and don’t wait until it is too late!

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