How To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader In Your Niche

There a number of effective ways to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche without spending a fortune on marketing! I cringe and feel so sorry for businesses when I see them spending so much money on marketing with little if not, zero return of investment and this happens far too often still. The first step is to know your niche inside and out. What do your customers want and need most? What are their pain points, that is, their most important problems that they need to solve? What is the stuff that keeps them up at night, that if you could solve for them, would make them a fan of yours for life?

Clients and customers are looking for solutions that actually work and offer good value for money. They are constantly asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” With so many businesses out there, you need to be able to answer that question from the moment you engage with them on all your platforms.

Once you know what your niche needs, offer it to them. You can do this in a number of ways. Make sure your Facebook page, your website and all other forms of marketing has information on the product and services you offer. However, be careful not to go on and on about your offering, but rather talk about the benefits and results of your product or service that your customers will gain as a result of using your services.

Make sure all your messages marketing platforms look professional. Your niche-related content must be worth taking the time to read, free or not. Relevant and impressive niche content posted or published regularly is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader. Communicate with your clients, current and potential leads on a regular basis on topics your niche want to know more about and are eager to read, and even pass on to others to read.

Another great way to position yourself as a thought leader is to get on stage and speak on topics that your target market is eager to learn more about. Getting on stage could mean being a main speaker, delivering a workshop, hosting an event or participating in an online webinar or interview where you are presented as the expert in your niche. You could also write articles for your own blog or industry-related magazines or ezines.

Becoming a thought leader in your target market is easy or rather, easier, if you give your prospects what they want and need, and show them that you are authentic genuinely ‘in the know’ about your area of expertise. In addition, show them that you really do care about their success by providing them with options that can help them get the results they desire!

If you can answer the question in their mind, ‘what’s in it for me?‘ and even more so deliver true on your word and expertise, ‘selling’ yourself as the thought-leader in your niche’ will be easy.

Here’s to being a thought-leader in your niche’!

Much Love,

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