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Show Me The Money!

Sick of Struggling to Make Money with Your Small Business?  

I am sure when you started your company you dreamed of freedom, being your own boss and big abundant earnings. So often, it is really discouraging to find that you are working like crazy and barely getting by financially.

What Does it Take To Start Earning Real Money? 

The great news is that you do not need to start over. All you need is a few powerful tweaks that make all the difference financially. Aren’t you curious about what they are?

Imagine What it Would Mean For Your Business if You Knew: 

  • Exactly which steps to take, in the right order to maximize your earnings
  • How to not be constantly overwhelmed with so much to do
  • Which options will pay off financially
  • One simple action that you can most likely implement immediately
  • How to structure your business so that you can work with whatever price point your clients can afford
  • How to encourage your clients to keep coming back for more


I have put together this workshop just for you because there is nothing worse than you experiencing the roller-coaster ride of feast and famine; struggling to make ends meet after all the endless hours of passion, commitment, effort and plain hard work you put in and the emotional and mental turmoil of not knowing if you are doing the right things or how to do it better. I know all too well how difficult it can be. I have the scars to prove it! It is very scary and expensive. I want to show you what you need to do to enjoy financial successes from implementing some very powerful moves and changes.

Luckily You Can Learn How to Bring in the Money. I Want To Show You:   

  • The #1 thing you must do to quickly catapult yourself into 6 figures and beyond
  • The 10 steps to a bulging bank account (plus how most entrepreneurs get this wrong)
  • How to present compelling offerings that are not at all “salesy”
  • How to make it irresistible and affordable for clients to work with you
  • How to keep your clients coming back for more
  • Little known pricing secrets that will instantly help you

Workshop Details


Date: Friday, 21 June

Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Cost: R 750

Early Bird: R 550 – valid until Noon Monday 17 June 

Venue: Best Western Cape Suites Hotel, Corner of De Villiers & Constitution Streets, Cape Town 7925

RSVP: Final Bookings 17 June

Do You Offer Packages?

Are Your Offers Compelling?

Are You Earning Top 5 or Top 6 Figures Monthly?  

If you answered NO to any 1 of these questions I am sure that you are not earning your full potential. If you are answered NO to 2 or all of these questions, then it is a must that you attend this workshop. I am 100% certain that you are struggling in your business and may have been struggling and even suffering (silently) for much longer than is comfortable.

Struggling is exhausting and wears you down emotionally, mentally and physically. It  does not serve anyone to be struggling to make money, let alone you. Come and see for yourself how you can make a quantum shift in your earning fast.

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“Kim, your last workshop was amazing. Even though I have attended twice before I, was reminded of how important it is to be consistent, to be disciplined about making money and to be always networking to attract new clients. You make me love the way business works and especially … love my business!   Siyabonga Xulu, ING Tours & Travel 

“Since I attended the ‘Client Attraction Secret’ Workshop’, my business has grown by 70%.” Sonja Jordaan, Simplifinance

“Brilliant Client Attraction Workshop” – Hi Kim, just a quick note of appreciation for a really great workshop yesterday and great to have met you. It was so worth attending – and long overdue. The content of the workshop was brilliant and the people I met, awesome.  There was a really nice positive “vibe” in the room, something I haven’t experienced at a networking session in a while. I would love to attend the Meet Up Club” in the future.” Jenny Taylor, Zizi Marketing 

“Thanks Kim for an excellent morning, I learnt a lot! I can understand why some people were doing it for the 2nd & 3rd times! It all went like clock-work, and again, I met some amazing people. So glad to be a part of this circle of influencers! Thank you once again for the awesome prize, sounds just like what I need!” Maura Hardman, Fibonacci, Design & Marketing Products