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Mastermind Millionaire Mindset Retreat 2021

Thursday, 18th November- Friday, 19th November 

VIP OPTIONAL DAY, Saturday 20th November 

~ Create an Abundant Life & Lucrative Business~


You will leave this 2-day live retreat event with the know-how and inside tools to develop and improve your mindset of abundance. It is about thriving and not just surviving. One thing all past retreaters have mentioned is that they love the fact that they get to work on their business in the retreat and leave after 2 days with ready made plans and actions to work on.


Self-awareness and growth, goes hand-in-hand with what you do and how you choose to earn your income and create true abundance. Once you make the link, it will be your #1 favorite learning for growing your business, your profession, your lifestyle or new start-up. It is exhilarating and amazingly effective.

If you want to grow your life and business while gaining enormous respect, trust and credibility in your field, then you’re in the right place. I want to tell you that when I figured how to help individuals overcome their sabotaging behaviours and mindsets, it was something that I knew I had to share:

You can:

  • Achieve more than you think.
  • Enlarge your life by stepping more and more into the unknown.
  • Develop resilience with the right support by your side.

Working with your fears, your doubts, your self-imposed limitations and obstacles is unquestionably the most effective way of growing as an entrepreneurially-minded individual!


I am crazy excited about this annual two-day live event. I have carefully designed it to share with you all the inner secrets and specialist techniques to mastering yourself, with the intention of growing a very fulfilling and meaningful life and business. I can’t wait to show you how some simple, but intuitive and effective techniques can support you to operate on a full tank every day, full of energy & vitality which successful people prosper on.


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Here are the BIG cornerstone skills and overview of what will be covered during our 2-day live event together. Not only will you learn how to master them, you will leave ready to implement apply them!

  • FACING YOUR FEARS: You can’t change that which you don’t acknowledge.
  • YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS & LIFE STATEMENTS: The What Where, How, When and Who of your success.
  • YOUR GENIUS ZONE! Do you know what your genius zone is and what percentage of time do you operate in this zone?
  • THE ART OF DELEGATION: Do you always do everything yourself? Do you ever ask for help?
  • THE PURPOSE DRIVEN INDIVIDUAL: Basic and complex human aspirations.
  • ENERGY LEADERSHIP: What is energetic leadership and why is it important?
  • STRATEGIC PLAN FOR 2022! How would it feel to leave the retreat with a vision, goals and plan for the year?!


Retreat Location & Retreat Details 

  • DATES: Thursday 18th November and Friday November 19th starting at 9 am until 4:30 pm each day. Optional VIP day, Saturday 20th
  • RETREAT LOCATION: The Blue Marlin Hotel where the ocean is right on our doorstep during the retreat. It is perfectly positioned at the peak of the the charming seaside town of Scottburgh, only just 45 minutes from Durban, KwaZulu Natal South Coast. You may want to think of extending your stay and making a family weekend of it. [The Blue Marlin will be giving special rates for the Mastermind Retreat Guests]
  • COST OF THE 2 DAY LIVE CONFERENCE: R 3997 (Excluding accommodation), See below for the early bird specials! 
  • SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION RATES: All Mastermind delegates are being offered exclusive rates for accommodation of R 1200 for their stay-for single or R 800 sharing Bed & Breakfast. It does not get better than this! You could make a family weekend of it after the retreat. Some attendees did this at our last retreat, 2019 before Covid-19.
  • WORKSHOP INCLUDES: All event materials, workbook, facilitated group sessions, coffee breaks and snacks throughout the two days.

As many of you know, I love sharing valuable content that gets results! I believe there is more than enough to go around, so whatever I can share with you, I do. I want to save you time and stress with some exceptional, pragmatic tools that promote a millionaire success mindset so that you can save years of learning this the hard way.

The Retreat Requirements …

If you are not willing to invest in yourself, if you are not willing to challenge yourself and if you are not willing to implement what you learn, then this retreat is not for you! This 2-day-live-retreat event is designed for individuals who are sick and tired of being mediocre and know that they have a much bigger role to play in their life and/or their business! Be prepared to be challenged and to do the work that is required for you accelerate your  life and make yourself and your business unforgettable!  

This is a 2-day-live “exclusive, up-close and personal” kind of retreat. I am purposefully attracting participants who will be willing and ready to do what it takes to generate their own success no matter their circumstances. I want this to be the best investment you will ever make in your life and business! Many past attendees will tell you that it is exactly that.

This event is exclusively for individuals or teams with an entrepreneurial mindset who:

  1. Desire real success
  2. Want to live a life of meaning and purpose
  3. Want to attend a serious, intimate event with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are at their level
  4. Are ready to show up as the biggest versions of themselves and as leaders in their fields
  5. Are ready to master a millionaire success mindset!

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“If you don’t go to the Retreat then I think I can quite confidently say then you must be scared of success.”

I must say I sometimes cannot believe that I had pondered on the idea of “should I or should I not go to Kim’s retreat?” because looking back, it was a no brainer!! The retreat gave me so much direction and I was given the tools to have an action plan for the direction I was taking. I had a dream that had been sitting in the back of my mind for a very long time and it was at Kim’s Retreat that I realised it could become a reality. I got the know how and confidence from working through Kim’s content. Not only did the content give me what I needed for my new path, but I also walked away with tools to help in our existing business. The networking side of the Retreat is also amazing, I made some great connections. If you don’t go to the Retreat then I think I can quite confidently say then you must be scared of success because this is where you will be heading if you go to one of Kim’s retreats. Should my other commitments allow at the time, I will definitely be going to the next one! Thank you Kim xx Kind regards, Nicky.


“The skills that are shared are Invaluable, real and ready to implement.”

Kim brings that spark that you need to light the fire within and so to does she do this at the annual retreat. The skills that are shared are invaluable, real and ready to implement. It gave me the time to focus on my business and plan accordingly for the next year. I have also made life long connections with the attendees. I highly recommend Kim’s annual retreat. ~ Renil, Financial Advisor & Coach  


“This retreat is a hands-on experience for all business owners …”

I have attended two of Kim’s retreats, definitely not expecting to attend the 2nd one.  But when the registration cut off time came around, I experienced serious FOMO, and before I knew it there I was at the Blue Marlin hotel with 20 other delegates. My experience was even better than the first time around, as the material, although very much the same as the previous year, had been tweaked and improved much to our benefit.  This retreat is a hands-on experience for all business owners and provides awesome networking opportunities as well.  The 2 days are incredibly valuable as time away from your business to rethink, reposition and retreat yourself.”

Trish Bartholomew, Business Owner, MRB Financial Services, Broker Specialist | Advisor



“The Millionaire Mindset Success Retreat was a game changer for me.”

“The Millionaire Mindset Success Retreat was a game changer for me on how to operate at a different energetic level for making top 6 figures in my business. I use and implement the content, tools, tips and strategies on a daily basis in my life and in my business. I share the learnings with all my staff so that they can grow into the leaders my business needs them to be.

But, that’s not all. There was so much support and valuable connections made at the retreat that has helped me tremendously on making big decisions and really inspired me to step up to the next level.

Once around is not enough for me. I hope to do this 2-day-live event sometime again in the not too distant future.”

~ Nathan Keegan, Easy Green


“I purchased 2 new vehicles within 6 months for my Travel & Tours business”

“I attended the Millionaire Mindset Success Retreat and was BLOWN away at the level of support, motivation and insight it offered. Kim not only made the content very personal and implementable by offering a step-by-step roadmap of what to do and how to do it; she also revealed many of the unspoken fears, doubts, obstacles and mistakes to avoid.

I decided on the spot at the 2-day-live-event and retreat that I was going to make a success of my business. And…I am doing just that!  I decided to overcome my personal challenges so that I could focus on my business and become the real entrepreneur that she has always believed me to be. I also decided that I wouldn’t let fear cause me to change my mind. Just on 6 months later, I now own 2 new vehicles for my business, have signed contracts with high-level clients (and am doing more trips than I ever dreamed of).

The Millionaire Success Mindset Retreat offered me EXACTLY what I needed to get unstuck in my life and in business.

Thank you, Kim,  …you are my #1 supporter!” 

~  Siyabonga Xulu, ING Travel & Tours

Reserve your seat by clicking below

As Sheryl Sandberg said, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”

You will benefit from this retreat with:

  1. A set of skills and tools few entrepreneurially-minded individuals own
  2. A deep understanding of what it requires to be authentically successful
  3. How to strategically plan for success
  4. A clear knowledge of what works for you (and what you need to get rid of)
  5. Clarity on your fears, doubts and obstacles and how to overcome them
  6. A reliable system that will help you with planning ahead and keep on track
  7. Being part of a like-minded community that stands apart from the rest!

What This Retreat is NOT…

This is NOT a place for you if you want quick-fix temporary solutions to your challenges

This is NOT a retreat which will be recorded to be shared or sold to the public at a later time. It is exclusively your retreat.

This is NOT a retreat with multiple speakers and sales offers. I will be leading the two days with you. This is all about a high-end, intimate high-output retreat experience.

This is NOT a large event where you just a number in the audience.You get support, feedback and are held accountable.

Join us in KZN, South Africa 2021 for the “Millionaire Mindset Mastery” Retreat. Show up as class act in your life & business.


R 3997 for 2 full days of jam-packed content that works!

(Early Bird Specials Below)

  • Smoking hot content that can be immediately implemented!
  • Networking opportunities galore.
  • Retreat workshop materials
  • Re-energizing and re-empowering gift to yourself
  • 2 full days to work on your success mindset
  • Gifted time to take action on success strategies
  • Shift in innovative perspectives
  • Creative space to allow for new and creative thinking
  • Transferable skills that lead to results
  • Meet and mix with like-minded people
  • Belong to a tribe with much-needed support
  • Step out of isolation and into an exciting world of growth & development
  • Reconnect to the entrepreneurial YOU at a deeper level.
  • Personal and business reflection


Spend an extra day with Kim on Saturday 20th November. 9 am – 4 pm. 

Excludes accommodation and meals. 

VIP Day – R 1497

  • Access to the ‘Green Room’ every morning and every afternoon of the event
  • Attend Breakfast together on VIP day
  • Goody Bags  for VIPs
  • Advanced workshop session with Kim – be prepared to be stretched
  • Pizza Party


Book by 30 August – R 2450; VIP Day – R 925
Book in September – R 2897; VIP Day – R 1065
Book in October (reg closes 18th) – R 3397; VIP Day R 1275
Book 19th Oct – 12th November – R 3997; VIP Day R 1497

Special Rates for Work Teams 

The Mastermind Retreat is the perfect opportunity for work teams in organisations to get away, get to know each other better and to work collaboratively on team tasks. Are you part of the Sales Force, the HR department or or you a member Executive Management who wants to improve their results?

Inquire for special rates for company teams of 3 or more.


Join us for the Millionaire Mindset Mastery Annual Live Event for 2021


For the first time ever, Kim  is providing an opportunity for carefully chosen sponsors to showcase their businesses over the duration of the event days. Inquire at kim@kimknightcoaching for more details. Only 1 business type per sponsor category. Main sponsor to get stage time.


Would the event be valuable for a work team?

Absolutely! In fact I would encourage it. On our 2nd day we do special work in teams that could fast-track your teams vision, mission, expectations and results more than ever before! This retreat is perfect for sales teams, HR departments and executives and shareholders. Special rates for teams of 3 or more from the same organisation.

May I bring a partner, family member or business colleague?
Yes, you are very welcome to ask your partner, team members, colleagues or family members to join the 2-day live event. Self-mastery and entrepreneurship is for everyone who wants it!

Are there special hotel rates for sharing?
Yes, the hotel has given us excellent rates for single or sharing accommodation. A rate of R 1150.00 per person single Bed & Breakfast & R 750.00 per person sharing Bed & Breakfast.
How do I book my accommodation? 

Kim will provide the email and telephone numbers for you to book your accommodation.

When does registration for the retreat close? 

Final registration for the 2 or 3-day live retreat closes on 18th October 2021. 

I still have questions:
Please direct any additional questions to kim@kimknightcoaching.com

Much love,





Kim Knight Founder & Passionate Coach,
Kim Knight Coaching
(079) 936 6459