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A Subscription for Serious Entrepreneurs  

Between 60% and 90% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years or less. What catches entrepreneurs off guard is that they do not fail predominantly for business reasons. Yes, lack of business savvy and not having the right support plays a huge part in businesses not succeeding, but what is not understood is that it is the internal stuff which knocks entrepreneurs off of their feet. Entrepreneurs are understandably ill-prepared for the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship which in reality is full of fear, doubt, financial stress, lack of sleep, isolation, decision fatigue, sabotaging habits & behaviours and lack of resilience. As an entrepreneur, I am certain that you are no stranger to the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and know exactly what I mean.


The reality is that entrepreneurship is a holistic journey. Starting and growing a business is as much about your business know-how as it is about your mindset, your emotions and your behaviour. ET which stands for ‘Entrepreneur Therapy’ offers you both the emotional & business support that are critical for any business’s growth. ET offers a philosophy and an attitude for thriving, for overcoming your fears, for putting yourself out there and for becoming more and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Small businesses need to grow quickly. The amount of time you spend on and in your business cannot be wasted. ET wants you to learn and work quicker, better, smarter and with less stress and a lot more fun and joy. So, the ET Subscription Program skips past password & logins page, complex learning platforms and time-consuming tutorials. You do not need to attend meetings or online webinars or set specific times aside to participate in the Subscription. ET gives you oodles of support of the business and emotional kind through quick messages, video clips, sketches, diagrams or audio snippets sent directly to your email inbox without you having to do a thing. You can access your ET learnings & support on your cell phone or laptop wherever you may be in the world, without you having to do a thing.

The ET Subscription Program is especially designed to keep you motivated and encourage you to take the actions that will accelerate your progress.

The Secret Success of Entrepreneurs

The time for playing it small and safe must end now if you want to achieve real success! It is time to shake up the status quo and boggle your own mind with your ‘can do’ attitude. It is time for you to dazzle yourself!

Are You Ready?

ET will help you exceed your expectations and self-limiting thoughts by sharing tips, tools, techniques and strategies that are needed to ensure business success. ET will also shine the torch on your approach to life, your mindset and your patterns of behavior. The magic of ET is that it can do this in lessons as short as 9 seconds. Believe it or not, you do not need more than that amount of time to shift your focus and attention to a success mindset. ET will also serve as a constant reminder for you to practice, be accountable and to take massive action.



Deliver crazy amazing value, get paid for what you are worth and be the entrepreneur who can change the world!

  • How would it feel to make the impossible possible?
  • In what way would your business change if you thought about differently?
  • What if your dream became a reality?

Kim Supports You Every Step of the Way 


ET champions your expertise you offer to the world and wishes to make your journey a whole lot easier on your pocket and on your emotions.



  • BUSINESS NUTS & BOLTS Education and skill building
  • ABUNDANCE COMPASS Guidance for navigating your success, while empowering others to do the same
  • SPOTLIGHTS Motivations to energize and inspire you to stay on course
  • STAR GAZING Wisdom for daily living that can turn even the most mundane of routines into meaningful practices
  • KINGS & QUEENS Ideas, innovations and case-studies from those who have made it and have made it big!
  • AHAs Insights, awareness, perceptions and realizations of your purpose and mission on this planet

Ultimately ET aims to keep your energy as high as possible; provide you with comfort, support and perspective when the going gets rough as well as nurture and nourish the soul of your business. ET is here to help you, especially when you need it the most. ET will cheer you on to be the creator of your ideal reality, to dream, to innovate and to believe in yourself despite your circumstances of the moment.


Choose the Pricing Plan That Works Best For You!


$24.95/R250 month


$21.95/R220 month TODAY $65.85/R660  


$18.95/R190 month TODAY $227.45/R1900 

Sign up today. Simply click here or on the image and let ET know which Subscription option you are excited to join. You will receive an email from ET for Entrepreneurs within 24 – 48 hours guiding you to your next step of supportive entrepreneurship for your business growth.


The willingness to invest in yourself, the willingness to take implement and the willingness to experiment with doing things differently. ET is for you if you are ready to embrace challenges, if you are prepared to take action and if you are ready to grow. ET is particularly for you if you are sick and tired of being mediocre and want to live an exceptional life.  

ET plans to get up-close and personal with you and will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. It will most probably be a bumpy ride, but nothing worthwhile ever comes without the good and bad times. Make this one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life and business!



Choose the Pricing Plan That Works Best For You!


$24.95/R250 month


$21.95/R220 month TODAY $65.85/R660 (Renewable on request) 


$18.95/R190 month TODAY $227.45/R1900 (Renewable on request)

What You Can Benefit from ET  

  1. Practical and Useful business skills and tools
  2. Empathy and emotional
  3. Convenient immersion into entrepreneurship
  4. Clarity, direction and action-taking
  5. Change, growth & transformation
  6. Consistency and accountability
  7. Access to all of Kim’s other programs, courses and retreats


Join ET for Entrepreneurs 

If you don’t see real, lasting, exciting change in your business and in your life after consistently using and applying the tools, affirmations, content and activities provided to encourage your growth and success… if you  don’t feel a sense of excitement and joy and aren’t clearly headed down a better and more fulfilling path… if you do not experience change, growth or improvement in even one area of your life and business, please email me for a full refund.

PLUS, if at the end of your subscription if you still haven’t identified what makes you happy, what is important to grow your business or how to overcome some of your sabotaging behaviors, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track.


May I tell another entrepreneur about the ET Subscription program? 
Yes! We want as many entrepreneurs as possible to step out of isolation, be part of something bigger than themselves and to receive support.  Conscious entrepreneurship is for everyone who wants it!

Do I need to join at the beginning of the month?
No, you can join at any time of the month or year. 

How do I join?  
Click on ‘Yes, Sign Me Up!‘. Indicate which subscription option is best for you. You will receive an email from Kim within 48 hours.

When does registration for the subscription close? 

Subscription is open all year round. 

I still have questions:
Please direct any additional questions to Kim at: kim@kimknightcoaching.com

In Your Support!