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14 Day Private Facebook Group Program   

‘How Can I Attract Lots of Premium Clients Fast?’

This is one of the most asked questions I get. You CAN attract more clients easily and more quickly into your business, you just need to know HOW. If you want more clients and if you want more referrals, then my 14-Day Client Attraction Private Group Course is for you? Stop wasting your time and money with on-the-spur of the moment marketing efforts and the ever-elusive bright shiny objects that do not reap rewards. If you are tired of spinning your wheels and chasing after potential leads, while getting nowhere fast, then it is time to get serious what about real client attraction.


Why should I do this course? 

  • You can do the course from the comfort of your own home or office
  • You can do the lessons anytime of the day or night
  • You get to work at your own pace and can go back or forward anytime
  • You have access to highly valuable content designed especially for entrepreneurs
  • You will find out how to attract clients and get referrals on a consistent basis

This course is for you if …

  • You are a business owner
  • You are struggling to attract clients
  • You don’t know what marketing method to use
  • You are wasting time, money & effort on stuff that does not work

Especially for you if …

  • You have recently started a business
  • Or have an established business
  • Have attended many courses
  • Understand how business works
  • Are committed and driven
  • YET … you still struggle to attract clients and
  • Your earnings are not nearly as lucrative as they could be
  • You are sick and tired of not getting the number and kinds of clients you want

This course will cover and is not limited to:

  • Your Aim & Purpose: Decide what you want to achieve for your business
  • Your Niche: Attract clients by getting very clear on your niche
  • Your Unique Selling Message: Create a compelling message
  • Your Marketing MethodsChoose your top 3 marketing methods
  • Your Client Attraction Plan: Discover a custom-made plan for you

Course details include:

  • Private membership to the ‘Client Attraction for Entrepreneurs’ Facebook Group
  • Live Webinar, followed by 14 days of pragmatic content
  • Daily video recordings and training materials
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group and all the lessons
  • Endless networking opportunities with members of the group
  • Daily 10 – 15 min Zoom Check-in if you can make it. Worth GOLD!
  • Closed What’ s App group for accountability and support

When & how much does it cost?

We kick off again on Monday, 30th August 1 pm with a live webinar. The course runs for 14 days and ends on Monday 13th September. 

R 750 or R 1000 for two!

How does it work? 

  1. Attend the live introduction webinar on Monday 30th August
  2. Your daily lessons will be available in your private Client Attraction FB group
  3. You can do the lessons whenever you choose before the next day
  4. From your home, office, coffee shop or any other hangout place
  5. The lessons include video sessions and homework activity sheets
  6. Video lessons are only between 8 and 16 minutes long
  7. Live daily 10 – 15 minute Zoom check-ins with Kim at 1 pm if you can make it
  8. Check-in time is a great opportunity for Q & A and to pick Kim’s brain
  9. Network while you are on the course!
  10. Do business with fellow entrepreneurs learners on the course


Final registration and payment by Wednesday 25th August

To book, email kim@kimknightcoaching.com or call or What’s App 079 936 6459


Are you ready to exceed your own expectations, bypass your self-limiting thoughts & beliefs about getting more clients?  Are you willing to shine the torch on your mindset around client attraction? Are you ready for the magic ? If you are, I can’t wait to share the required framework and formula for attracting more clients into your business.

Kim Supports You Every Step of the Way 




  • Education and skill building
  • Guidance for navigating your success
  • Motivations to energize and inspire you
  • Accountability to stay on course
  • Wisdom for daily business practices
  • Ideas, perspective and innovation
  • Pick Kim’s  brain for ideas & feedback
  • Lots of relevant and timely support
  • Getting into action! 

Ultimately, Client Attraction aims to keep your energy as high as possible; provide you with tools, techniques, support and accountability to help you attract more clients into your business and the kind of clients you love working with! I want to help and guide you, especially when you need it the most. I love nothing more than cheering you on to be the creator of your ideal business vision, to dream, to grow and to believe in yourself.

14- Day Program Fee 

R 750 per person or R 1000 for two! 

Sign up today. Simply click here or on the image and let Kim know which option you are excited to join. You will receive an email from Kim within 24 – 48 hours providing you with the necessary to onboard you into your 14 day Client Attraction course.


  • The willingness to learn
  • The willingness to do the work
  • The willingness implement your learnings.
  • The willingness to do things differently
  • The willingness to take ACTION!


” I am loving your course Kim. As Kim would say “ this is gold “ 😁🤩“ Tracy Leslie, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, African Essence Spa, Empangeni, KZN, South Africa

“Dear Kim, thank you so much for the networking invite. I shall “show up”. You run such an amazing course. Making such a difference for me. I am so excited.” 🙏 Heather Fountain, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Dragonfly Therapy | Hypnotherapist

As a past attendee of this course, I can really vouch for Kim.  I love her material, have done her time management module and have enrolled our team on her sales course. Bruce Jackson, Director, Oakleigh Funeral Home

I can highly recommend Kim’s Client Attraction course.  It is practical and doable with wonderful support from Kim throughout.  The content is covered in short daily lessons, as well as live zoom sessions where questions can be asked and experiences shared.  The homework is easy to do and forces you to give serious thought to various aspects of your business in terms of attracting clients.  A daily commitment for two weeks ensures that your business is always front of mind and gives you the time and focus required to position it effectively to attract clients.  Thank you Kim, I am so glad I attended, the course was so worthwhile and has added great value to my business. Linda Sparks, Life Coach

Thank you very much Kim for a great Client Attraction course, I enjoyed it and have picked up some great tips as well. I appreciate your willingness to always help and your passion for what you do.  I would recommend this course to anyone running their own business, new or established. There will definitely be something you can learn or take from this course. Good luck to everyone that was on the course with me and may you all have many more clients!!!”, Caryn Walker, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Company Profiles SA

“I am privileged to be learning from Kim, one of the best business coaches you’ll find anywhere!”, Dr. Eseza Nambassi, Medical Doctor & Health Coach

“Kim is my “go to” woman when it comes to business; her wisdom, patience and insight into people and their businesses is second to none. She is passionate almost to a fault about what she does, especially when it comes to helping start up businesses or established entrepreneurs.  I’m loving listening to the recording of the daily zoom sessions. How awful would this be if we didn’t have the recordings to listen to. Thank you Kim for posting so quickly after each live session. I’m really starting to get the hang of the marketing methods, I think I have finally seen the light, and the planning will begin :)” Trish Bartholomew, Business Owner, MRB Financial Services, Broker Specialist | Advisor

Join Client Attraction for Entrepreneurs 

If you don’t see real, lasting and exciting changes in your business after consistently using and applying the tools, content and activities provided to encourage your growth and success… if you don’t meet 1 or 2 or even more businesses you can work with after getting to know them better and in if you do not experience change, growth and improvement in even one aspect of your business after working the program on a daily basis and taking action on the activities supplied, please email me for a full refund.

PLUS, if at the end of your program if you still don’t understand what is required to attract more clients into your business and what makes you happy, what is important to grow your business or how to overcome some of your own sabotaging behaviors, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track.


May I tell another entrepreneur about the Client Attraction program? 
Yes! We want as many entrepreneurs and business owners to get as many clients as they can possibly manage!

Can I register now?
Please do, the sooner the better, so that I can onboard you.  

How do I join?  
Click on ‘Yes, Sign Me Up!Indicate which fee option you will be taking.

When does registration close? 

Final registration is on Wednesday 25th August, 5 pm.  

I still have questions:
Please direct any additional questions to Kim at: kim@kimknightcoaching.com

In Your Support!