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Identify and get clarity on your business challenges

Define real opportunities

Implement essential tools, tips & and strategies

Spend a morning with a leading Mastermind, Business & Entrepreneur Coach and Consultant.

Business Mastermind Event

~~ Imagine identifying your biggest obstacles and knowing how to overcome them so that you can make this last quarter of  2019 your best ever in just 3 hours!~~

Take your learnings from the session, apply them and set yourself up for the new year which only a matter of a few months away!

Join me for 3 hours from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm where I will Mastermind your current business challenges to set you up for a path of success and profitability in 2020!

We will apply your entrepreneurial heart & business mind to take your business to the next level.

It is amazing what you can achieve in just 3 hours when you apply Mastermind techniques. Remove  all your distractions and understand what is holding you back from the success you absolutely deserve! I have worked with enough businesses to know that you have invested too much in your business to not have it be the most profitable, most enjoyable and most successful business you can dream of!

Urgent Questions We Answer at the Round Table 

  • Is my niche’specific enough?
  • How can I attract more clients?
  • Why is my marketing not yielding a return of investment?
  • How do I quote?
  • Is it okay to charge by the hour?
  • How do I package my services?
  • Do I need a website?
  • How do I start working ON my business instead of in it?
  • How do I create more time in the day?
  • Is networking really that important?
  • When is the right time to start scaling the business?
  • What is the value of creating workshops or speaking on stage?

Get real about your business, mix with like-minded entrepreneurs and gain a lot of information to take your business to the next level

The Power of Masterminding

Masterminding with a group of like-minded individuals can literally help you shape, grow and improve your business. I love helping business owners in a Mastermind environment because it sets the stage for peers to help look at each others’ challenges with new perspective and come up with creative solutions for growth and profitability which is often very difficult to see on one’s own.

I have a knack and expertise in creating a caring, safe and energetic space where confidentiality, trust, respect, honesty and creativity reigns. And when a group shares their thoughts, challenges and ideas in this kind of environment, pure magic happens. Anything is possible when we surround ourselves with people who Mastermind! The Round Table is for business owners who want to excel and achieve their highest dreams.

How the Round Table Mastermind Works

I host the Round Table Mastermind for 3 hrs where your questions on various topics of interest or current challenges will be answered. My aim is that when you leave the Round Table Mastermind you will have a far better understanding and clarity on your challenges and obstacles and what you can do about changing it so that you can achieve your business dreams!

Only 10 places are available for this session.



Venue, Time & Cost

Venue: Travelodge, Sukhumvit 11

Date: 20 October 2019

Time: 9: 30 am – 12: 00 pm

Cost: $20 to secure your seat




Venue, Time & Cost

Venue: Travelodge, Sukhumvit 11

Date: 12 November 2019

Time: 9: 30 am – 12: 00 pm

Cost: $20 to secure your seat



  • 3 hours of real business & entrepreneurial talk
  • Opportunity to get your urgent question on he run table
  • Perspective and solutions to your challenges
  • Connect with other serious entrepreneurs & business owners
  • Open, honest and confidential conversations that your business needs
  • Motivation, inspiration and new business concepts
  • Action! Action! Action!

$20 Secures Your Spot at the Business Mastermind Round Table 

ONLY 10 individuals at each event. $ 20 is your token for secured attendance.

Who Am I? 


I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business! I help entrepreneurs start up brand-new businesses and I grow established small and medium-sized businesses far quicker than you think may be possible. I do this by immersing you into what it means to be an entrepreneur and business leader. I help you assess where your business is, where you would like it to be and how to get there.  And I just love helping you avoid all the pitfalls that too many entrepreneurs make such as spending your hard-earned money on the wrong thing at the wrong time and focusing on marketing efforts that do not attract clients or improve cash flow.

Three Things That Make Me Unique

  1. I do the right thing for myself and my clients!
  2. I love to create WIN – WIN solutions; they are the only ones that stand the test of time!
  3. There is nothing I love more than infusing as much sparkle, glitter, joy, energy & fun into your journey as possible!

My heart smiles hugely when I meet and work with serious entrepreneurs and business owners who want the same for their life and their businesses.

I have 3 philosophies for business which are:

  1. Walk the talk! [Talk is cheap]
  2. Practice and share all you learn. [It is my lifetime commitment to improve myself and I want that for my clients too.]
  3. Uphold high standards. [Be exceptional and leave mediocrity behind. Being so-so is just not good enough!]

Come join us at the Business Mastermind Round Table to to share your challenges and solutions that can grow your business. 


My BUSINESS MASTERMIND ROUND TABLE provides a unique opportunity for you to discuss your business challenges and opportunities with an expert who wants nothing more than for you to succeed and have fun along the way. 


May I bring a partner or business colleague?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your business, team members, colleagues or other business owners who you know could benefit from this event.
Is it really only $ 20 (or country currency equivalent)? 
Yes, this is a ‘free’ event. The $20 secures your spot. ONLY 10 spots available. 
How do I book my seat? 

Register above or Email Kim privately at: kim@kimknightcoaching.com

When does registration for the Mastermind Round Table close? 

Registration closes  1 week prior to Mastermind date; Bangkok – 13th October, Durban 5 November.

I still have questions:
Please direct any additional questions to kim@kimknightcoaching.com

Much love,




Kim Knight,
Kim Knight Coaching
(079) 936 6459