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  There a number of effective ways to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche without spending a fortune on marketing! I cringe and feel so sorry for businesses when I see them spending so much money on marketing with little if not, zero return of investment and this happens far too often still. The first step is to know your niche inside and out. What do your customers want and need most? What are their pain points, that is, their most important problems

Are you one of the many who have been hit hard by COVID-19? Is your mortgage in jeopardy? Do you feel that foreclosure is the only way out? Are you at odds as to what to do and how to save your home? Are you looking for a solution, but just do not know what do to or where to start? Please take a step back and know that any confusion and fear that you are experiencing is very normal. The crisis was unexpected and the

Just this week, I was made aware of 4 senior employees in various companies who were recently retrenched. One minute they had a job and the next minute they didn't. As you may know or can imagine, it is a shocking experience especially when it is unexpected. And they are only a few of the devastating casualties of the pandemic virus which has affected everyone worldwide. Job transitions can be stressful, whether they’re due to retrenchments, a new job or working extra hours because other employees

We all get distracted. Some of the distractions are brought on by others, but a lot of the time, we do things to distract ourselves. We browse through email and social media instead of getting right to work, we get home and turn on the TV to zone out. We are on our phones whenever we need to take a break. We cause these distractions for ourselves throughout the day without ever giving much thought to what it costs us in the long run. Getting distracted

I have an ongoing inner dialogue and relationship with living an excellent life and that includes my business too. I just cannot accept mediocre. I know that I am meant to live an excellent life, even if it does take me outside of my comfort zone. What about you? Use the following steps to help you excel with your commitment to excellence. Always give more than what is asked of you - when someone asks for help with something, be prepared to go that one step further.